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Pink Dolphin is a clothing company rising out of Los Angeles very quickly. They have been everywhere this 2011 and plan to blow up even more this coming 2012,.......... is a quality Clothing company that seems to strive off of its unique style and look from there jewelry to there clothing. Here's a look at what they have to say about themselves

Preserving Creativity

“Not just any other clothing line, we are here to promote positivity and show people what power’s they have bestowed in them. Our slogan – Legends At Our Craft – is a phrase that not only defines the pride, creativity, and superior quality that we put into our gear, but a phrase that encourages everyone to be a legend in your own craft. To strive to be the best in everything one does while promoting positivity and remaining humble will lead to unlimited success and prosperity.”


Remember – we are all Legends+At+Our+Craft.

Pink Dolphin is a unique and ingenious clothing line embodying exclusivity.  The founders’ vision was to create a clothing line where every piece was limited to keep from saturation on the streets. In doing so, every season since launch has been stocked with a limited quantity of articles that were only pressed one time.  As the brand continues to build upon itself, we want to thank our supporters for believing in the brand and supporting our message.


G&C is a clothing company that is rising steadily with allot of celebrities and day to day people as well there style promotes the Stickup Kid, Get Rich or die trying theme as well as being yourself they are all about taking from rich it seems and that puts them on our top 5 list of 2012, see what story is below:

GUNS&CRAYONS is the master piece of two childhood friends [Thomas: pictured on the left and Keith: not pictured] who grew up around stick up kids. Its a secret society all we ask is trust. This is for all the people with their back against the wall. The ones who are forgotten in society. We are the rise of the lost.
Bill Mazeroski, I hate him. He made Mickey Mantle cry. The papers said the Mick cried. Mickey Mantle? That's what you're upset about? Mantle makes millions a year. How much does your father make? - I don't know. - You don't know. If your dad needs money, go ask Mickey Mantle. See what happens.
Mickey Mantle don't care about you. Why care about him?


99vsdope is a clothing company not so big in Los Angeles yet, But in 2012 99vsdope is sure to make an impact on the world with what they promote and how they do it. is striving to be a unique clothing company different from all the others see what they are all about below:

99vsdope is a clothing company dedicated to individuality and success.we know that being dope is truly being you 99vsdope is not what we make it its what you see it to be. *BE DOPE BE YOU* *DOPENATION* *FOLLOW THE TRIBE*

Not new to the music scene but there clothing line as recently dropped and we are expecting big things to come from such a young company. Tyler and the gang started some years back and now have an opportunity to make a great clothing company for the fans to enjoy. They have said nothing about themselves yet but as you can tell they are going far. look for them 2012.

Ri$ky Bizniz:

This is a clothing company that is blowing up in NC not much to say about this amzing company but to look out for in 2012.
Risky Bizniz Clothing is based out of Raleigh, NC and was founded by Joseph Headen Circa 2009. We present ourselves as an urban street wear brand which embraces the "Risky Business" concept. We seek to embody those that take risks by doing the things that inspire or are outside of the proverbial box. We symbolize the hustle, the grind, the uncertainty, the reward, and possibly the danger that can be with any kind of chance, activity, business, etc. The "Ski Mask" logo is a symbolic representation that nothing in this world is given to you, you have to go out and take it. This concept is highly inspired from a verse from the late great artist, Notorious B.I.G. "I get mine the fast way, Ski mask way..." With the coming 2012 year we plan to introduce a female sub-brand for the Spring '12 season called "Cheesecake Clothing".

We hope to inspire the go-getters in the world with our brand.
- Risky Bizniz Clothing


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